Turnarounds and Restructuring

Consulting, Advisory and Interim Management Services

As any company climbs to the top, requirements change. New sales goals and targets emerge; financial needs evolve, markets change and corporate objectives change with market direction. Many companies succumb to economic Darwinism and fail to adapt to these changing needs.

Sherwood Partners, Inc. can assess corporate adaptability; fine-tuning financial, operational, strategy and market focus to make sure the company regains momentum that can be sustained for the long run. Our professional team rolls up their sleeves and delivers more than a report; we implement change to work towards a winning situation for our clients.

Sherwood can help companies with services such as:

Crisis management, restructuring and turnarounds;
Interim management;
Due diligence for equity funding, including third-party validation;
Wellness Opinions™ profiling the overall health of the company and progress as it relates to predefined milestones;
Forensic accounting;
IP (Intellectual Property) monetization
Asset monetization
Managed liquidation
Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors (ABCs)


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