Financial Containment Strategies

Consulting and Advisory Services

Sherwood Partners advised clients on their business plans, the application to daily operations and ensuring cash expenditures. To this analysis, we also bring a broad base of industry expertise, covering the gamut of most market segments.

Our goal is specifically to fine-tune your operation from a financial, operational and IP perspective. We look for ways to improve your company’s cash flow and accomplish this through the following:

  • Conduct a thorough review of the business plan, incorporating analysis of the operations, research and development, strategic alliances, staffing, finance, cash flow and use of your IP
  • Examine alternatives and develop creative strategies to grow revenues, curtail cash expenditures and accelerate profitability
  • Team with management to challenge assumptions, increase corporate discipline, create change when required and develop new opportunities

Our goal is to make your operation as profitable as possible.

Your Success is Our Success


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