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Next Generation Challenges

Problems happen and unforeseen circumstances always create a challenge. The next generation, trust or estate may hold a closely-held business asset and is usually the corporate fiduciary. Being in the business of administering trusts and estates can have certain challenges and at times requires a third-party to assess, operate, monetize certain assets i.e. IP or liquidate all or parts of a business.

On occasion, a Trustee, Executor or family member operating the business may require the services of an experienced and objective advisory firm to provide third-party insight into important matters and decisions. Sherwood Partners’ deep expertise in finance, operations and accounting enables us to provide sophisticated and understandable advice, that is highly relevant.

Family Held Businesses


Change always creates a variety of challenges.

Protection against potential disasters is constantly a concern for Trustees and stakeholders. An independent counsel on the wellness of their assets can be the difference between a successful outcome or a disaster. Sherwood Partners’ experience in corporate restructuring, business options or bankruptcy can deliver excellent options for any situation. Knowing what has or may go wrong is key to making the ‘right decision’.


Your clients have reposed trust and confidence in you to preserve the wealth that they have worked so hard to create for the next generation. And law imposes upon you the highest and most important duties as a result. Your duties as a fiduciary may have some or all of the following:

  1. The duty to exercise such skill as a person of ordinary prudence would under the circumstances (the “Prudent Person Rule”)
  2. The duty to employ special skills (i.e., specialty asset management)
  3. The duty to invest prudently (the “Prudent Investor Rule”)
  4. The duty to preserve or takes steps to preserve the trust or estate property
  5. The duty to delegate prudently when such delegation is appropriate

You can rely on Sherwood to help fulfill these important legal obligations. Sherwood can assist in developing a complete and thorough analysis, including the evaluation of direction and recommend potential alternatives. Sherwood’s Wellness Opinion™ can be of great assistance in reaching a well-informed decision.

Independent advice helps to document the consideration process behind important matters and promote the use of sound business judgment, free from bias or potential conflict of interest. At Sherwood we believe consulting services must be more than leaving behind a report. We assist in change integration.



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