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Sherwood Partners, Inc. helps challenged companies achieve their vision.

A Holistic Approach to Business Consulting

At Sherwood, we take a holistic approach as a business advisor and business consultant in assessing the business and giving guidance to management. We assure that the business strategy is sound, validated and clearly focused.

We work to align the strategy with three critical dimensions of the business:

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Operations

We believe that success can only be achieved if all of these dimensions are aligned and driving toward the same destination. Most importantly, success is achieved through great execution.

Sherwood Partners | Business Consulting Holistic Approach

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Great Execution

Great execution takes place when success is defined with clear, tangible, measures that are based on results, and linked to rewards.

We stand side by side with founders, management and investors and take a hands-on approach to implementation and execution. Our strategies and solutions are pragmatic and grounded in business reality. That's because we are often called upon to implement our strategies and be judged on the results. To further support this core principal, we will also consider equity, warrants or options in combination with fees as compensation for our work under appropriate circumstances.

Sherwood Partners, Inc.

Since 1992 Sherwood Partners, Inc. has become one of the premier business advisory firms to the restructuring industry. The Sherwood team of seasoned business professionals provides founders, shareholders and senior executives with more than a report – we at Sherwood go beyond traditional tactics to help make decisions and implement plans that achieve exceptional results.


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