The ‘Terminator’ of startups says he’s seeing two to four wind-downs a week
Posted By Sherwood Partners/ Monday, March 20, 2017

The ‘Terminator’ of startups says he’s seeing two to four wind-downs a week

For the last 25 years, Marty Pichinson and the firm he co-founded, Sherwood Partners, have specialized in selling off the assets of startups when they fail, as well as helping them extend their runway so that if they have to close down, they can do it the right way — in slow motion, versus at high speed. He’s been given every kind of death-related moniker as a result, from the Terminator to the Undertaker.

Pichinson — a native Illinoisan who is as renowned for his brash style as his salesmanship — doesn’t mind any of them, as long as they help keep Sherwood at the top of its game.

We chatted with Pichinson on Friday to ask what he’s seeing in the current market.

Read the full interview on the TechCrunch website.

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