Creditor Committee Advisors

When troubled companies enter a formal Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing, surprises abound and disputes arise. A Creditor Committee is formed to represent their collective rights in bankruptcy. Then, the investigation process must commence. Financial strategies must be explored.

There are many benefits in hiring an experienced independent third party to provide financial advice and strategy and especially in retaining the services of Sherwood Partners, Inc.. Creditor Committees need expertise, coordination, reliability and speed. Sherwood Partners offers all of these qualities. We take the time and effort to fully understand the situation. We provide realistic assessments and practical advice. The Creditor Committee is then in a position to effectively evaluate the company and act decisively.

We are able to advise the Creditors Committee throughout the bankruptcy proceedings. The facts are confirmed and information is collected, analyzed and assimilated.

As advisor to Creditor Committees, Sherwood Partners performs a wide variety of functions. Such work with the debtor involves:

Forensic investigation into the paper trails of financial books, corporate records and documented agreements to ascertain facts and priorities
Debriefing employees and management team on intricacies of specific transactions and operations
Detailing failures, reasons and circumstances that preceded bankruptcy
Recommending changes to succeed with restructuring, if feasible
Monitoring business progress as plan is implemented


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