Assignments and Liquidations

When your company is out of options, there is an alternative to bankruptcy.

Sherwood Partners is one of the leading advisory firms in alternative solutions to bankruptcy.

Perhaps time has run out and there are no additional funds to move forward. Or you've made the tough decision to simply shut down the business since the plan is no longer viable.

You want to do what is best for all concerned. It may be possible to reorganize the company if there aren't too many constraints. Uncertainty surrounds you. There are employees and employee issues to be considered, assets to be sold, creditors to manage, liabilities to be settled and investors to update.

Sherwood Partners can offer you solutions grounded in years of experience.

Bankruptcy is not the only choice. This is an important decision to be made in consultation with both your legal and financial advisors. Sherwood Partners is able to offer other possibilities and solutions.


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