Who is Sherwood?

We know the industry and the industry knows Sherwood

Sherwood Partners, Inc. is the premier business advisor and consulting firm focusing on venture backed companies throughout their life cycle. Sherwood leverages its deep roots in the restructuring and turnaround business to assist management in preventing what can go wrong in their business. At Sherwood, we understand that it is all about, “driving value through the investment cycle”.

Sherwood’s seasoned team provides shareholders, stakeholders and senior executives with more than a report - they go above and beyond traditional tactics to help make decisions and implement plans that achieve exceptional results.

Who is Sherwood

Sherwood Services

Sherwood introduces up front proven financial and operational “best practice” controls, industry benchmarking and real time market data to ease growing pains and to avoid common corporate mistakes through a company’s life cycle. When a company experiences unexpected events, its future is at stake. Sherwood proactively assists companies in:

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In-Depth Analysis

Sherwood is called upon to help analyze the financial and operational wellness (Wellness Opinion™) and is relied upon for their due diligence, merger implementation as well as implementing liquidity options or alternatives to gracefully wind-down their portfolio company in a manner that will maximize the human and intellectual capital and enhance shareholder value.

Knowledge and Trust

We know the IT and life science industries, but more importantly the industries know and trust Sherwood. The who’s who of the venture capital and equity, routinely rely on Sherwood to help their portfolio companies succeed. Sherwood is a time enabler, giving management time to focus on their product and customers. It is all about ROT (Return on Time), as time is the non-variable in any business.

Knowledge and Trust
Knowledge and Trust


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