Molly Froschauer

Molly Froschauer

Vice President

Molly is an insolvency professional with nine years of experience in bankruptcy and with companies in distress. Before joining Sherwood, she practiced as a bankruptcy attorney and served as the general manager of an out-of-court insolvency service-provider and liquidation agent. She also managed meetings for trade creditors, advocated for out-of-court business debt solutions and educated trade creditors on their options for businesses resolving their debt.

Molly was an editor of the Manual of Credit and Commercial Laws published by the National Association for Credit Management. There, she managed over fifty Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, out-of-court workouts and engagements though the bankruptcy court.

Molly attended Claremont McKenna College where she graduated with a double major in International Relations and French. She then attended Pepperdine Law School where she graduated cum laude and was a member of the Law Review. While still in school she worked in federal district court for the Honorable Judge Gutierrez and in the European Union’s Assembly of Regions.

Molly is a member of several insolvency professional organizations and has given talks for the Turnaround Management Association and the National Association for Credit Management on alternatives to commercial bankruptcy.


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