Andrew De Camara

Andrew De Camara

Senior Managing Director

Andrew De Camara has 25 years experience in strategic planning and financial planning including corporate restructurings, mergers & acquisitions and financial forecasting.

Prior to joining Sherwood in 2001, he was Vice-President of a B2B exchange for an Internet start-up and had previously worked at a major Hollywood studio. Mr. De Camara has assisted in fundraising activities for various privately held companies and has arranged for new senior secured and mezzanine financings as appropriate.

While at Sherwood, Mr. De Camara has successfully restructured companies through out-of-court restructurings as well as through Chapter 11 reorganizations. Mr. De Camara has successfully restructured hundreds of millions of dollars of debt in a way that provides improved returns for creditors while allowing a company to continue operations.

In addition, Mr. De Camara has served as a Receiver in both State and Federal Courts and has helped maximize value of assets through Assignments for the Benefit of the Creditors under various state laws.

Mr. De Camara has previously worked in business development and operational roles where he has managed global sales teams and has utilized forecasting tools that implement statistical modeling to produce optimal purchase and flow of materials through supply chains so he has significant experience with brick and mortar entities.

Mr. De Camara has been a frequent speaker on panels including the American Bar Association in regards to Federal Receiverships and the Special Asset Management Association in regards to Assignments for the Benefit of the Creditors and consultancy services. Mr. De Camara has published articles in various magazines including “Doomsday Signals for Directors” in Directors and Boards magazine.

Mr. De Camara holds an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgetown University.


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