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It's About Winning and Succeeding

All companies have faced tremendous challenges, competitive threats, financial issues, product hurdles and market shifts. From great companies to startups, hurdles always create a challenge. They key is to learn what to hold on to and what to leave behind and then move on to win. This is what business is all about.

Understanding business, strategic needs and flawless execution is what Sherwood Partners is all out. Our Business and Advisory services help our clients understand what has to be done and then, we help them execute the changes. It is about winning.

Sherwood Partners Results

Our Experience and Reputation Bring Results

Since 1992, we have seen it all and know that “Change” necessitates action. Sherwood Partners Business and Advisory Services believes that clients deserve much more than a report. They need constant information, communication, implementation and results. And, results comes from experienced people that know the true meaning of success and “what to do and what to avoid”. We also understand that “time is never our friend”, so we dive in and work with the management team to understand the options and then implement the options.

Our reputation speaks for itself.

The Sherwood team is comprised of experienced professionals that know how to roll up their sleeves and work under pressure to take advantage of opportunities as well as manage risk. We understand that business is a contact sport and we help you play to ‘win’.

Contact us and discover the Sherwood Difference. We will help you focus on business implantation needs and be there with you to make the necessary changes. Our reputation speaks for itself. We continue to hear, “who better than Sherwood knows what can go wrong?’

Business Consulting with a Comprehensive Perspective

Industry veterans, Michael A. Maidy and Martin D. Pichinson founded Sherwood Partners in 1992 with the specific focus of brining senior level financial and operation planning as well as business development services to middle market and entrepreneurial companies, when the hard decisions had to be made as well as in distressed situations.

From this beginning, Sherwood Partners has evolved from a restructuring and consulting firm, into a full service firm for not only distressed situations, but for assisting healthy growing companies. We help them take advantage of opportunities and avoid the costly mistakes that we have seen over and over again in times of turmoil or distress.

We have a full suite of business services lead by proven industry leaders.

The firm has developed a trusted reputation in the venture capital, corporate, equity, financial, legal and entrepreneurial communities. Sherwood Partners’ long-standing professional reputation rests on the firm’s core philosophy which dictates that “effective results are a prerequisite”. We have seen it all and know what can go wrong.

Through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, the firm has evolved and expanded its portfolio of services focused in the corporate market needs. We have a full suite of business services lead by proven industry leaders. Sherwood Partners extends consulting services to those companies in transition through their phases of growth as well as Intellectual (IP) strategy, sales and licensing.

Sherwood Partners continuously maintains its dedication to “Getting it Right” in every client engagement.

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Business Consulting
Business Consulting


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