Financial Containment Strategies

Financial Containment StrategiesConsulting and Advisory Services

Sherwood Partners, Inc. advises clients on their business plans, the application to daily operations and the ensuing cash expenditures. To this analysis, we also bring a broad base of industry expertise, covering the gamut of virtually every defined market segment.

Our goal is to fine-tune your operation from a financial and operational perspective. Specifically, we look for ways to improve your company's cash flow. We accomplish this goal through the following services points:

  • Conduct a thorough review of business plan, incorporating analysis of operations, research and development, strategic alliances, staffing, finance and cash flow
  • Examine alternatives and develop creative strategies to grow revenues, curtail cash expenditures and accelerate profitability
  • Team with management to challenge assumptions, increase corporate discipline, catalyze change and create new opportunities
  • Identify appropriate cost-cutting measures and tactics for implementation

We want to make your operation as profitable as possible. We can accelerate the timing, if you provide us with the opportunity.

Financial Management

Debt Financing

Your network of financing sources may not take you to the next level of growth. At Sherwood Partners, Inc., we know the industry and the industry knows us.

Turnarounds and Restructuring

As any company climbs to the top, requirements change. New sales goals and targets emerge; financial needs evolve, markets change and corporate objectives change with market direction.

IP Monetization of Intellectual Property

Sherwood Partners has traveled down all the paths over the past ten years to ensure clients gain a return on innovation. This includes everything from launching products to patenting pure “know-how” to leverage IP to the benefit of our clients.

Corporate Wellness Opinion Services

By developing a complete and thorough analysis, including the evaluation of alternatives, Sherwood’s Wellness Opinion™ services can be of great assistance in reaching a well-informed decision.

Debt Reduction and Renegotiation

Whether your company requires restructuring of a few troublesome obligations, needs to streamline and reduce debt or must quickly reduce its cash burn rate, we customize and implement a plan for each situation.

Financial Containment Strategies

Our goal is to fine-tune your operation from a financial and operational perspective. Specifically, we look for ways to improve your company's cash flow.

New Financings

We begin by listening carefully to clients' business plans and timelines. Working with management, we validate the business model to ensure that the proper financing vehicles are utilized.

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Since 1992 Sherwood Partners, Inc. has become one of the premier business advisory firms to the restructuring industry.

The Sherwood team of seasoned business professionals provides founders, shareholders and senior executives with more than a report – we at Sherwood go beyond traditional tactics to help make decisions and implement plans that achieve exceptional results.

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