Hibernation (a.k.a. "Concept|Corporate Hibernation")

Is Your Product Ahead of the Market Curve?

HibernationIs it the optimal product? Are you in the right market at the wrong time? Is your market wrong and you need time to make adjustments? Do you wish you could find the "Pause Button"?

Corporate investors make certain assumptions and proceed with the prescribed game plan. Time passes. Markets change. Technology intervenes. Now, while the business concept still seems viable there are external factors that require time to address. There was no contingency plan for today's reality.

So what do you do? Do investors continue funding the company "as is"? Does the company close its doors and simply liquidate?

Sherwood Partners has another alternative. We call it "Concept Hibernation". We allow you to hit the Pause Button. Quite simply, we help you to put the company on hold while you address the fundamental business issues at hand. If your company is almost out of financial runway, we can help.

Our services help you to stop the clock because we:

  • Work with the founders, owners, board members and management team to identify the mission-critical action plan;
  • Assess the time, assets and human resources required to implement and complete the plan;
  • Work with management to distill operations down to their hibernation state;
  • Assist in the structuring and financing of the hibernation;
  • Participate in the oversight of hibernated operations.

Each of the steps above increases your company's ability to come back to market when the time is right.

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Strategy & Change

Crisis Management

Problems don't appear overnight nor do they disappear unattended. Moreover, situations tend to deteriorate at an accelerating rate. Swift, decisive and proactive steps are required to halt the downward spiral. This is what crisis management is all about.


Is Your Product Ahead of the Market Curve? Is it the optimal product? Are you in the right market at the wrong time? Is your market wrong and you need time to make adjustments? Do you wish you could find the "Pause Button"?

Turnarounds and Financial Restructuring

When you are confronted with challenging business problems, Sherwood Business Consulting Services offers a complete suite of services to evaluate and retool operations, restructure obligations and cope with difficult environments.

Exit Strategies

When is the right time to realize your investment? Is it most advantageous to sell, to merge or to find a strategic partner? Should you take time to plan and implement a new corporate strategy?

Corporate Review

Our corporate review gives you the road map of a company's future. It can be invaluable in a time of uncertainty. It helps to keep a business on-track, whether you are an investor or a lender.

Business Services

Sherwood Business Consulting not only provides the information and reporting systems to make the right decision, we are there to assist in the implementation process.

Corporate Services

Uncovering the facts is the first step to understanding your position and the alternatives. Our strengths are in the deep analysis and reporting that have provided our clients with the facts for the hard decisions and potential solutions.

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