Corporate Strategy and Planning

Q:  How much time does your management team spend on the company's financial and operational planning?

Q:  Do plans explicitly state where you are going and how you are going to get there?

Q:  Is your company tracking to plan?

Q:  How much more productive could our management team be if they could focus all their time and energy on future growth and sales?

Corporate Strategy and PlanningIn far too many cases, the attention of both young and mature companies is focused on the immediate issues and urgencies of the day. Maybe the company is growing rapidly, so adhering to an operating plan seems redundant. Maybe a company's maturity in its marketplace has led to a lack of direction. Growth and experience are both great…but only if they take you to the end-game you desire. By definition, if a business is not growing, then the business is falling behind. It is also true that "success hides many faults". At Sherwood, our business consulting services help you move to the next level, whatever that might mean. With our involvement, this enables the management team and boards to focus on the the future!

Corporate Planning Services

As part of our business consulting services, our Corporate Planning Services ensures that management focuses on the big picture. We work with the management team to:

  • Assess status and content of existing corporate, financial and operational plans
  • Review objectives in order to define meaningful goals
  • Develop short and intermediate-range operating plans with specific goals for measurement
  • Delineate strategies and tactics to achieve operating goals, including necessary resources in the areas of personnel, business assets and financing
  • Assist management in implementation and launching

We enable the stakeholders to focus on their passion and purpose, which is part of the growth process in every company. Sherwood assists in the financial and operational challenges.

As we leave the Industrial Age and entered the Information Age the old rules have changed. Keeping one step ahead is where future successes will be determined.

Growth Management

Corporate Strategy and Planning

As part of our business consulting services, Sherwood offers Corporate Planning Services to ensure that management focuses on the big picture.

Business Assessment & Operating Support Services

The Wellness Opinion serves as a leading indicator of tomorrow’s business potential. You are then able to make well-informed decisions and ultimately clarify the proper corporate strategy.

Transactional Due Diligence

Are you looking into a merger, a sale or acquisition as the center-post of your corporate strategy? Are you planning on funding a new round or providing a debt instrument?

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