Growth Management

Our Growth Transition Services at Sherwood is specifically designed to actively contribute to the success of companies experiencing rapid change.

Growth ManagementGrowth Transition Management by Perspective

  • If you are an executive, we support your management team with the time and expertise to deliver executable strategies for growth strategies
  • If you are an investor, we are able to offer your portfolio company the tools and plans to move to next growth phase
  • If you are a creditor and uncertain of the facts and options for a corporate borrower, we validate and provide an independent reality check

We understand transition, inflection points and the pitfalls to avoid.

No matter what your vested interest, we help companies and the management teams deal with the challenges of growth. We help our clients "create solutions".

The Sherwood senior management team works closely with management towards successful growth and strategies that can be executed effectively to ensure success. At Sherwood our motto is “your success is our success”.

Corporate Strategy and Planning

As part of our business consulting services, Sherwood offers Corporate Planning Services to ensure that management focuses on the big picture. At times, Sherwood is retained to handle yesterday's problems, while management focuses on tomorrow's success.

Business Assessment & Operating Support Services

The Wellness Opinion serves as a leading indicator of tomorrow’s business potential. You are then able to make well-informed decisions and ultimately clarify the proper corporate strategy.

Transactional Due Diligence

Are you looking into a merger, a sale or acquisition as the center-post of your corporate strategy? Are you planning on funding a new round or providing a debt instrument? Sherwood can help make the difference between success or failure.

Latest News

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

Sherwood Partners, Inc. has been the assignee for both private and public companies and our team understands that it takes much more than just signing a contract with an assignor. It takes a comprehensive strategic plan, to properly monetize the assets for the benefit of creditors.


IP Monetization of Intellectual Property

IP Monetization of Intellectual Property

Monetizing IP is the process of deriving value from the development of the IP or technology in question. We at Sherwood refer to it as gaining a “return on innovation” and recognize there are a number of pathways to deriving such value in practice.


Expertise for Family Held Businesses

Expertise for Family Held Businesses

Sometimes a trust or estate may hold a closely-held business asset. As a corporate fiduciary, you’re in the business of administering trusts and estates, not assessing, operating or liquidating a business. Sherwood Partners’ deep expertise in finance, operations, valuation and accounting enables us to provide sophisticated advice that is highly relevant to this asset class.


Debt Reduction and Renegotiation

Debt Reduction and Renegotiation

Sherwood professionals are experts in managing corporate obligations. Whether your company requires restructuring of a few troublesome obligations, needs to streamline and reduce debt or must quickly reduce its cash burn rate, we customize and implement a plan for each situation.

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Since 1992 Sherwood Partners, Inc. has become one of the premier business advisory firms to the restructuring industry.

The Sherwood team of seasoned business professionals provides founders, shareholders and senior executives with more than a report – we at Sherwood go beyond traditional tactics to help make decisions and implement plans that achieve exceptional results.

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