Typical Profiles

Company #1

Value added reseller that provides product procurement and IT infrastructure design. Sherwood negotiated forbearance from most creditors for 10 months (approximately $2.5 million), settled $1.5 million in debts at an average settlement of 19%, and received $1.1 million reduction in real estate obligations.

Company #2

Developed and sells enterprise CRM integration software. Sherwood obtained agreement with secured creditor that reduces a $7.5 million obligation to $1.2 million (16% of obligations), with client keeping $2.2 million of hardware.

Company #3

Software and services provider for data storage via the Internet Sherwood renegotiated debt with secured creditor, negotiated use of an L/C as rent payment with the landlord and received forbearance from leaseholders and unsecured creditors.

Company #4

Developed and sells enterprise marketing software designed to increase the effectiveness of marketing plans. Sherwood negotiated settlement with landlord that reduced rent obligations by $12 million over 5 years.

Company #5

Provider of high speed Internet access and other broadband services. Sherwood helped negotiate a $10 million reduction with secured creditor.

Company #6

Provider of technology-based managed infrastructure solutions and hosting services. Assignment involved restructuring real estate and equipment leases with resulting extensions and partial forgiveness of obligations. Examples of involved parties included GATX, Dell, Cisco, Oracle, Lucent, Steelcase and Herman Miller.

Company #7

Developed enterprise scheduling software to sell. Sherwood negotiated a 50% reduction in payables, even though company was able to fully fund payables at 100%.

Company #8

Internet Service provider and developer of software for coordination of software development team. Funding ended and Sherwood was asked to close the company through an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

Company #9

Hardware and software provider for interactive television industry. The assets were greater than the liabilities, but the business model did not work. The Board voted to return money to the investors and Sherwood closed the company through a managed liquidation.

Latest News

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

Sherwood Partners, Inc. has been the assignee for both private and public companies and our team understands that it takes much more than just signing a contract with an assignor. It takes a comprehensive strategic plan, to properly monetize the assets for the benefit of creditors.


IP Monetization of Intellectual Property

IP Monetization of Intellectual Property

Monetizing IP is the process of deriving value from the development of the IP or technology in question. We at Sherwood refer to it as gaining a “return on innovation” and recognize there are a number of pathways to deriving such value in practice.


Expertise for Family Held Businesses

Expertise for Family Held Businesses

Sometimes a trust or estate may hold a closely-held business asset. As a corporate fiduciary, you’re in the business of administering trusts and estates, not assessing, operating or liquidating a business. Sherwood Partners’ deep expertise in finance, operations, valuation and accounting enables us to provide sophisticated advice that is highly relevant to this asset class.


Debt Reduction and Renegotiation

Debt Reduction and Renegotiation

Sherwood professionals are experts in managing corporate obligations. Whether your company requires restructuring of a few troublesome obligations, needs to streamline and reduce debt or must quickly reduce its cash burn rate, we customize and implement a plan for each situation.

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